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Literatur - SLED

Literatur - SLED

Edward B. Diethrich, MD, internationally renowned cardiovascular surgeon, is regarded as one of the world’s pioneers and leaders in guiding the evolution of modern diagnostic and treatment programs for cardiovascular disease. In practice for more than 40 years, he is the Founder and Medical Director of the Arizona Heart Foundation as well as Chairman of the Board.

He has invented countless medical devices throughout his career, enjoyed a long line of „firsts,“ and developed several companies as a result of his passion for research and education. Most recently, he created an endowment for a new professorship at the University of Michigan in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Vascular Surgery.

If you’re a heart surgeon or a wannabe cardiovascular surgeon, or even if medicine isn’t your interest, this story is a great read. Diethrich is one of the most respected, revered and at times equally controversial leaders in his profession. He will navigate you through his greatest triumphs and, equally, his greatest sorrows.

You may not want to pattern a life after him, but his lessons and philosophies are inspiring and can be incorporated into our daily lives. It’s a story you will not forget, of one of the most famous surgeons of our medical era.

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